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If you have a passion for Europe and you are looking for an exciting experience to be more involved in European issues, come on board and become a volunteer!

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The EU’s exhibition space is just inside the Italian pavilion, just in front of Palazzo Italia, one of the most prestigious areas of the Expo 2015 site.

The objective will be to give visitors a better understanding of what the EU has achieved during the last 50 years and what the principal challenges will be in the next decades with regard to the Expo 2015 theme. Read more

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“The Golden Ear”, the story of Sylvia e Alex

Their worlds become entwined through the essence of wheat and bread, more specifically: delicious honey wheat bread. But will they be able to join forces when the village needs their help? And will their love overcome these turbulent times? The answers will unravel in this captivating story that represents the European DNA through struggle, evolution and resilience.